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Bloated or Swollen Stomach

Urgency level: Low priority

Monitor your dog at home and contact your family veterinary practice if the situation doesn’t improve

What to do next

Keep your dog calm and monitor them closely for changes

  • Dogs that are pregnant do not necessarily need veterinary attention, unless they exhibit other abnormal symptoms.
  • Contact your family veterinary hospital if your dog develops any of the following: severe lethargy, vomiting (or attempt to vomit), difficulty breathing, rapidly enlarging abdomen.
  • If complications occur, do not delay in consulting a veterinarian as early intervention will help save the lives of mom and pups.


Why it’s lower priority

A distended or swollen belly is normal in pregnant dogs

  • It is normal for a pregnant dog to have a distended abdomen (their bellies get bigger just like ours!), so a distended belly on its own is not a cause of concern. However, we want to be extra cautious in these cases so you should monitor her carefully.


Home care tips

Make sure she is getting adequate nutrition

  • Pregnant dogs will have different nutritional needs during each stage of pregnancy. Talk to your vet if this is the first time your dog is pregnant.


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