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Losing Weight

Urgency level: Medium priority

Contact your family veterinary practice in 1-2 days if not resolved, or if the situation gets worse

What to do next

Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s weight changes at your earliest convenience

  • Contact your vet to discuss your dog’s weight changes, as there are many possible underlying conditions.
  • If your dog develops inappetence, vomits or collapses, contact your family veterinary hospital right away.


Why it’s medium priority

Weight loss is typically caused by chronic issues that need to be addressed by a veterinarian

  • Changes in weight tend to be gradual in dogs (over the span of weeks), and become more problematic when other symptoms present (ex. changes in food and water intake, urination and defecation). Some causes include inappropriate nutrition, dental disease, and metabolic disease.
  • Based on your answers, it does not appear your dog requires immediate attention, but you will need to go see a veterinarian so they can determine the underlying cause (it is unlikely to resolve on its own).


Home care tips

Restrict your dog’s activity and take note of your dog’s habits, especially if there are changes

  • Restrict your dog from strenuous exercise levels until you can see your vet.
  • Take note of the amount and type of food you are feeding your dog, and whether there have been any changes in eating, drinking, urination and defecation habits.
  • Learn more about weight loss in dogs


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