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Lump or Swelling – Area not listed

Urgency level: Possible emergency

Contact an emergency veterinary hospital

What to do next

Contact an emergency hospital ASAP and do not feed your dog

  • Contact the emergency hospital before travelling to ensure they are able to see your pet. They may also need to give you specific instructions. Some regular hospitals may be able to treat your pet.
  • Be careful when handling your dog – the affected area is likely painful and they may bite.
  • Do not feed your dog. The emergency vet will likely need to sedate your dog, and in these cases it is ideal if your dog doesn’t have a full stomach.


Why it’s an emergency

Concurrent symptoms in addition to lumps and swellings indicate an underlying condition

  • Lumps and swellings have a wide range of causes, including insect stings or bites, bruises or strains, fractures, abscesses, and tumors. Your vet may need to examine your dog carefully to determine the exact cause.
  • In this case, it is possible that the lump is a hernia, where contents of the abdominal cavity can push out.
  • Hernias can be harmless and recur periodically, but in some cases organs can get twisted and trapped in it, causing serious illness if not treated appropriately. This is more likely given your dog has vomited or been lethargic, which requires immediate veterinary attention.


First aid tips

Keep your dog quiet and prevent them from irritating the lumps

  • Try to keep your dog calm and quiet, and restrict exercise to only bathroom breaks
  • If your dog is scratching or licking at the area, put a cone/socks on them to prevent them from traumatizing their skin
  • Learn more about skin lumps and masses in dogs


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