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Lump or Swelling – Leg

Urgency level: Medium priority

Contact your family veterinary practice in 1-2 days if not resolved, or if the situation gets worse

What to do next

Contact your regular animal hospital and monitor for other signs

  • If your regular veterinary hospital is open, contact them now. If they are closed, it is probably safe to wait until morning. If the lump doesn’t change in appearance or size and your dog is not bothered by it, you are probably safe to monitor them. 
  • If your dog is licking or scratching at the lump, put a cone on them.
  • Monitor your dog carefully – if your dog becomes very lethargic, painful, or vomits, contact an emergency veterinary clinic.


Why it’s medium priority

Any new lumps should be checked to rule out serious issues

  • Lumps and swellings have a wide range of causes, including insect stings or bites, bruises or strains, fractures, abscesses, and tumors. Your vet may need to examine your dog carefully to determine the exact cause.
  • While lumps on the leg may be benign, it is best for a veterinarian to examine your dog. This is especially true if the lump is painful, growing, or has changed in appearance over time.


Home care tips

Keep a record of details of your dog’s lump(s)

  • Make notes of your dog’s lump (appearance, location, size), especially if it changes
  • Taking photos of the lump (especially if it changes) will help your vet better assess the situation
  • Learn more about skin lumps and masses in dogs


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