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Smelly or Bad Odor – Bum or Hind Area

Urgency level: Low priority

Monitor your dog at home and contact your family veterinary practice if the situation doesn’t improve

What to do next

Monitor your dog for new or worsening symptoms

  • Contact your family veterinary hospital if the problem persists or if your dog starts exhibiting any of the following signs:
    • Scooting (dragging rear along the ground)
    • Signs of pain (yelping, licking or scratching at the area)
    • If the area starts bleeding or has odorous discharge
  • If your dog soiled themselves, pay attention to if this is a regular occurrence, as that would require veterinary attention.


Why it’s lower priority

A smelly hind end with no other symptoms is not a concern

  • Smell in the hind area is typically not an urgent matter and should be improved with bathing/grooming.
  • Based on the symptoms you’ve selected, your dog does not require veterinary attention. Your dog may have rolled in something smelly (it may not always be visible to you), and a bath should address the problem.


Home care tips

Bathe your dog

  • Try washing your dog gently with dog shampoo to see if it helps with the smelliness.


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