A veterinarian’s advice on dealing with bad breath in dogs

Occasional bad breath in dogs is not uncommon, however, a noticeable foul smell could be a symptom of an underlying condition. Bad dog breath is usually caused by bacterial overgrowth, most commonly from dental disease, unhealthy diet practices, a lip infection or an object in their mouth.  When your dog starts to give off an […]

How do you prevent your dog from having bad breath?

In the early stages of bad breath (before it prolongs or if there’s too much plaque buildup), you can try a home remedy to prevent bad breath and reduce the chances of needing to visit the vet’s office. Some bad dog breath cures and remedies you can try include the following:   Regular Tooth Brushing […]

When should you see a vet about your dog’s bad breath?

Bacterial overgrowth in the mouth is often the reason for bad breath, especially for dogs who don’t get regular tooth brushing. Regular brushing also helps your dog get used to the toothbrush, making the experience less difficult for both of you in the long term. Although very occasional bad breath is not enough to cause […]

How can you treat your dog’s bad breath?

To treat halitosis, you’ll first need to determine the underlying condition that caused the odor with the help of your veterinarian. If an underlying metabolic or organ disease is suspected, lab tests will be recommended. Usually these are accompanied by additional clinical signs such as weight loss, increased thirst and urination and decreased appetite. Once […]

What are common causes of bad breath in dogs?

The most common causes of bad breath in dogs are:  Dental disease (tartar, gingivitis or a more serious issue like an abscessed tooth) Oral foreign body (object lodged in the mouth somewhere causing infection) Lip fold pyoderma (a type of skin infection), often associated with food allergies Oral cancer Gastrointestinal upset and vomiting causing bad […]

Does your dog have bad breath?

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a condition in dogs characterized by a strong and offensive odor from the oral cavity. As a result of the smell, most pet owners are quickly aware that there is an issue with their pet.  Sometimes there is a simple explanation for it (such as a dog who has recently […]