How do you prevent your dog’s eyes from getting cloudy?

It is not entirely within your powers to prevent your dog from developing cloudy eyes, since some issues are genetically-linked, a result of an underlying condition, or simply due to aging. However, you may be able to prevent your dog’s eyes from getting worse by being proactive: Check your dog’s eyes at least twice daily […]

When should you see a vet about your dog’s cloudy eyes?

When you notice your dog has cloudy spots in the eyes, pay special attention to any symptoms associated with eye problems. For example, observe for a change in the eye shape, color, vision, and size. Apart from this, look for thick discharge, squinting, redness, and cloudiness.  Sometimes eye issues can be ophthalmic emergencies, and require […]

How can you treat cloudiness in dog eyes?

Cloudiness in your dog’s eyes can be due to many serious issues, so any kind of home treatment or remedy should be checked with your veterinarian first. Your vet will either treat the cloudiness or recommend procedures for treating your dog for their underlying condition.  Keep an eye out for other symptoms or signs of […]

What are possible causes of cloudy eyes in dogs?

Cloudy eyes in dogs can be associated with different eye problems, or it can just be a sign of your dog aging. In most cases, it is linked to a natural aging process in middle-aged to senior dogs (typically over six years of age).  In some cases, the condition can be painful and challenging to […]

What are “cloudy” eyes in dogs?

Like humans, dogs can also have various eye problems. However, since there is no option of using eyeglasses, canes and helpers, animals may have greater consequences from vision loss compared to humans. Thus, eye defects and complications in animals should be addressed immediately. A dog’s eyes should be clear at all times. As dogs age, […]