A veterinarian’s advice on dealing with coughing in dogs

Coughs are caused by a variety of things in dogs. It typically sounds like they are gagging or trying to clear their throat (similar sound to a goose honk). If the cough persists for more than a day or is accompanied by other symptoms such as not eating, lethargy, weight loss or difficulty breathing, your […]

How do you prevent your dog from coughing?

Bordetella vaccines are widely recommended by veterinarians, as they help reduce the severity of kennel cough infections. It’s important to know that even if a dog is vaccinated, it can easily still become infected by a kennel cough strain (either viral or bacterial). The vaccine does not cover all types of organisms that cause kennel […]

When should you see a vet about your dog’s coughing?

Most coughs should be seen by a vet, particularly any new coughs that are getting worse. Other signs of something more serious include: Coughs that persist for longer than a week or are getting worse Your dog is lethargic and exercise intolerant  Loss of appetite Fever (if you have access to a pet-friendly thermometer)   […]

How can you treat your dog’s coughing?

Some infectious coughs are self-limiting and resolve within a week, however, they tend to get worse during that time and can be quite stressful for the dog (and owner who isn’t getting much sleep because of it!). In most cases, it’s best to have your dog seen by a vet rather than attempt home-remedies, since […]

What causes coughing in dogs?

An occasional cough every now and then may simply be a reaction to an irritant in the air or choking on some food. If you start to notice your dog coughing throughout the day, more frequently or exhibit other symptoms, it’s a good chance that there’s something more serious going on and you’ll want to […]

What is coughing in dogs?

Coughing is a natural response towards any type of itching, irritation, or uneasy feeling in the air passage of both humans or animals. Usually, when dust particles or irritants enter the trachea, the body tries to eliminate the foreign particle by coughing.  Coughing doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is sick – it’s completely normal […]