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Discharge from Eyes

Everyone gets eye boogers, including our dogs! While these are harmless and can be wiped off with a damp cloth, there are instances of eye discharge that warrant further investigation. Depending on the color and consistency, it could indicate different causes like epiphora (excessive tearing that causes runny eyes) or conjunctivitis (eye infections). 

While there are many different things that could be causes for eye discharge, generally speaking, the outcome is good if given proper veterinary attention. The eyeball is a sensitive organ, so the best thing you can do is to pay close attention to your dog’s eyes and seek veterinary care sooner rather than later if you notice something isn’t right.

Pro tips for visiting the veterinarian:

  • If your dog’s eye discharge is red, this is an emergency. If it’s yellow, green, or white-grey, you should contact your veterinarian soon. If it’s clear, you can monitor it for a few days.
  • Put a cone or Elizabethan collar on your dog to prevent them from further traumatizing their eyes.
  • Trimming long hairs around your dog’s eye can help prevent them from getting into the eye and irritating them.

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