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Discharge from Nose (Runny Nose)

Nasal discharge in dogs (often referred to as a runny nose) has a variety of presentations and causes, and it is sometimes an issue and other times not. Some causes are similar to what happens in humans, such as allergies and irritants in the nasal passage; however, it could also be more serious things like fungal infections, tooth root abscess or even tumors. 

Nasal discharge typically doesn’t require veterinary attention, but you’ll want to contact a veterinarian if the discharge is thick, mucoid, green, yellow, or bloody. Nosebleeds in dogs that don’t stop within a few minutes will also to be seen by a vet to rule out any serious causes, such as clotting disorders.

Pro tips for visiting the veterinarian:

  • To stop your dog’s nose from bleeding, apply gentle pressure at the bridge of the nose with an absorbent cloth and keep your dog calm. Don’t tilt your dog’s head backwards or stick something into their nostril. If bleeding does not stop, you need to contact a veterinary hospital right away.
  • Thick, mucoid, green, yellow, or bloody nasal discharge requires prompt veterinary attention, as they are usually signs of a more serious issue.
  • Note as many details about the color, consistency and amount of the discharge, and take photos whenever possible. 

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