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How do you prevent your dog’s eyes from getting cloudy?

It is not entirely within your powers to prevent your dog from developing cloudy eyes, since some issues are genetically-linked, a result of an underlying condition, or simply due to aging. However, you can prevent your dog’s eyes from getting worse by being proactive:

  • Check your dog’s eyes at least twice daily for signs of inflammation, pain, increased discharge, and any signs of vision loss.
  • If their vision is compromised, confine your dog to a safe area and minimize stress until you’re able to get a diagnosis by a veterinarian.
  • Do not let your dog traumatize or rub their eyes. If necessary, apply a protective collar to avoid self-inflicted trauma from scratching. Have your groomer trim long hairs around your dog’s eyes to reduce irritation.
  • Do not let your dog stick their head out of the car when in motion to minimize chances of particles contacting their eyes.
  • Wiping around your dog’s eyes gently with a warm, moist cloth helps keeps irritants and ‘eye boogers’ away.

It’s important to note that any medication (including human over-the-counter eye drops) should be checked with your veterinarian first before trying it at home.

Without knowing the situation, the wrong medication can worsen an underlying condition and decreases the odds of a good response to further treatment. If you received medication from your veterinarian, use all medications as prescribed.