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How do veterinarians treat collapse or fainting in dogs?

The treatment of a collapsed dog will depend greatly and vary widely based on the underlying cause. Some conditions like heat stroke require mainly supportive care, while others such as a bleeding tumor can require emergency surgery. Conditions like Addison’s disease or Epilepsy respond to treatment with medications which must be continued long term.

In general, a collapsed dog will be rapidly triaged and assessed by your veterinary team upon your arrival to the hospital. This is so that they can determine the urgency and severity of the issue, and start looking for the underlying cause. 

They may whisk your dog back to a treatment area so that oxygen can be administered and monitors can be attached. While this can be alarming, it means that they are taking your dog’s condition seriously until they are sure your dog is stable. Diagnostic testing will be recommended, including blood and urine tests, ultrasound, and sometimes more advanced imaging. 

In some critical cases, dogs will be taken to an ER treatment area so oxygen can be administered and diagnostic monitors can be attached.