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When should you see a vet about your dog’s constipation?

Most cases of constipation in dogs can be managed and treated at home, but if the problem persists for more than a day or two despite the simple home treatment measures, or gets worse, you’ll need to talk to a vet to rule out the chances of something more serious. 

Your vet will want to do a physical exam of your dog and discuss his or her medical history, including any recent changes in your dog’s behavior or health (such as eating non-food items, diet, activity level, etc). 

They may also do a rectal exam and if needed, abdominal X-rays to help determine how severe the constipation is. To rule out dehydration or infection, blood tests may also be administered.

In some complex cases, an abdominal ultrasound might be needed to help identify the cause of your dog’s constipation.