A veterinarian’s advice on dealing ear discharge in dogs

Ear discharge can often be uncomfortable and painful for your dog. There are many possible causes of ear discharge, and the severity depends on your dog’s clinical signs.

Take note of what the discharge looks like and your dog’s signs of discomfort, as this is valuable information for your veterinarian. Scratching and shaking their head are signs that your dog is uncomfortable, itchy, and possibly experiencing pain.

Remember not to put anything down your dog’s ears, especially if you suspect infection, injury, or allergies, as this can contribute to the problem.

If left untreated, ear infections and ear problems in general can progress and become more painful. Treating ear infections can be time-consuming and difficult, because the causes are varied and complex. Your veterinarian will be able to look down your dog’s ears, take a sample of the discharge, and diagnose and treat the problem accordingly.

Pro Tip: Do not put ear cleaner or home remedies into your dog’s ear without consulting your veterinarian first, as this can sometimes make things worse – especially without knowing the exact cause of the ear discharge.
The causes of ear infections are varied and complex, so it’s best to have your vet diagnose the underlying cause before trying any home remedies.