How do you prevent your dog’s ears from expelling discharge?

Prevention of ear discharge depends on the cause and sometimes, despite your best efforts, ear problems will still occur. Keep an eye on your dog’s ears for redness, swelling, discharge, or unpleasant smells. Dry your dog’s ears after they have been swimming or playing in water to prevent a habitable environment for bacteria and yeast.

Clean your dog’s ears with a gentle ear cleaning solution about once a month, unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian. Pick a cleaner that is recommended by your vet (liquid form is typically best, and commonly contains antimicrobials like lactic and salicylic acid).

Clean your dog’s ears with a gentle cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian, but not too frequently - as this can increase the chances of an ear infection.

Frequent ear cleaning may actually make it more likely for your dog to develop an ear infection, as you risk removing healthy wax and leaving your dog’s ears irritated. Ensure your dog is on regular parasite prevention to prevent ear mite infestation.

If you suspect your dog has an ear infection or problem of any kind, seek veterinary attention as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Pro Tips: 

  • Dry your dog’s ears if they get wet (ex. After swimming, bathing).
  • Avoid cleaning your dog’s ears too frequently, as this can actually increase the chances of your dog developing an ear infection.