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What can you do when you notice oozing from your dog’s skin?

If you notice oozing from your dog’s skin, it’s important to prevent them from chewing or scratching at the affected area. Chewing or scratching will contribute to the disruption of the skin’s healthy balance of bacteria and yeast.

The “Cone of Shame” (buster collar, Elizabethan collar) is a successful way of preventing your dog from scratching their ears and face, or chewing at their feet or hind end. Another good option to prevent chewing and scratching is to dress up your dog in an old T-shirt or baby onesie.

Preventing a dog from scratching, chewing or licking an affected area is an important first step in home care.

Pay close attention to details

When you notice oozing from your dog’s skin, pay close attention to what the discharge looks like. What colour is it? Does it have a smell? Is it sticky? Also, where is the affected skin located?

If it’s near the tail, this could indicate a flea infestation. If it’s near the ears, this could indicate an ear infection. If the infection is near the hind, this could indicate an anal gland infection or abscess.

The more information you have, the better! Jot it down in your Notes app and take a photo or two. These are all important details that will help your veterinarian find the root cause of the skin issue.