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What can you do when your dog is drinking too much water?

If you believe your dog is drinking too much water, it is always best to contact your veterinarian for advice. Never restrict access to water unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian – this can be very dangerous. 

It can be helpful to quantify exactly how much water your dog is drinking (ie: use a measuring cup to determine exactly how much they consume in a 24 hour period). This information can prove helpful for your vet when determining the underlying cause

To do this, use a measuring cup each time you fill your dog’s bowl for a 24 hour period. A normal dog drinks approximately 40-60 ml/kg/day of water.

  • For example: 10 kg dog x 40-60ml/kg = 400-600 ml of water per day (over 24 hours)


Quantifying water intake is especially helpful if your dog is new to you, and you don’t yet have a sense of what their ‘normal’ is.