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A veterinarian’s advice on dealing with facial swelling in dogs

Facial swelling can be alarming to witness and can cause itchiness and discomfort for your dog. If your dog’s face is swollen, seek veterinary attention right away. Allergic reactions can progress quickly and can lead to more severe, life-threatening conditions. Even if you aren’t sure that your dog is having an allergic reaction, it’s better to be safe. Facial swelling is not a ‘wait and see’ type of condition.

Facial swelling can have other causes, such as injury, infection (abscess), or a tumor. Regardless of the cause of your dog’s facial swelling, it’s best to have a veterinarian assess the situation so they can administer the appropriate medications including pain relief, antibiotics, steroids, or antihistamines.

Facial swelling is not a ‘wait and see’ kind of condition