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How do you prevent your dog from facial swelling?

Prevention of facial swelling can be tricky unless we’re able to pinpoint the source. Some are preventable while others are not. Here are some suggestions for prevention and early detection:

  • Keep your dog away from bugs and bees whenever possible
  • Be mindful of the triggers that your dog has an allergic response to (ex. specific type of grass). 
  • In the event that your dog has an allergic reaction to a vaccine, your veterinarian will make suggestions to split up vaccines, pre-treat them with an antihistamine, or discontinue that particular vaccine, depending on the severity of the reaction.
  • Avoid contact with wild or unknown animals or giving your dog hard bones. Supervise play with other animals and toys.
  • Maintain your dog’s oral health by brushing their teeth regularly, checking their mouth every month for swellings and odor, and having your vet perform a dental exam during your dog’s annual physical exam.
Be mindful of specific triggers that may cause your dog allergic reactions, especially grasses and pollens that may be seasonal in nature.