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What is facial swelling in dogs?

Facial swelling in dogs can be caused by a handful of different possibilities. Swelling can be localized to one part of their face, like their mouth, nose or eye(s), or take up their entire face. The swollen area will appear puffy and enlarged, and sometimes be accompanied by slight redness. Facial swelling can occur very quickly, and it can often be unnerving to us if we don’t know what caused it.

We commonly think of allergic reactions which occur when your dog’s immune system overreacts to an allergen and tries to rid it from the body. In this process, the body releases histamine, which causes their body to swell, break out in hives, and to feel itchy! But allergic reactions aren’t the only cause of facial swelling in dogs.

Facial swelling can be localized to specific areas of the face or the entire face.