How do you prevent inappropriate urination?

  • One study suggested that it’s best to wait until the pup is 12 weeks old before spaying to reduce incontinence. Some people will let their dog go through her first heat (estrus cycle or period) to allow it to develop more naturally, however, there have not been any supportive studies to suggest that this works.
  • Consider neutering male dogs to prevent prostate enlargement,  which can be linked to incontinence.
  • Treat any urinary infection promptly, and always ensure your dog drinks lots of water.
  • Those prone to crystals and/or infections often benefit from a prescription diet. Similarly, many dogs do better on wet diets.
  • Take your dogs for frequent walks and bathroom breaks in the morning, after a nap, after drinking water, and at other times of the day. 
  • Ensure proper hygiene to reduce the risk of infections. For longer furred dogs, this can include trimming the fur around the hind end.