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How can you prevent your dog from itching and scratching in the future?

Preventing itchiness from coming back requires a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from your vet. Since itching and scratching can be caused by a number of different things, preventative approaches are only effective after you have determined the underlying cause.

Once you have determined what’s causing the itchiness, look for new signs of itching and scratching early. Keeping your dog away from the source (i.e. if food allergies are suspected, switching your dog’s diet and avoiding any treats that contain the problem ingredient) also helps.

Parasite prevention is also important year-round for dogs that live in warm climates, and summer months for dogs in colder climates – especially if your dog visits dog parks, daycares or dog walkers as parasites can spread between dogs quite easily.

Supplements such as omega-3 fish oil helps prevent dry skin. If your dog has allergies, giving them an antihistamine ahead of time (before they start scratching) can help. Regular brushing and bathing also keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy – but keep baths to no more than once a month for most dogs.