What does lethargy or weakness look like in dogs?

Determining whether your dog is really lethargic or just tired can be tricky. Lethargic dogs are typically excessively tired and groggy. It’s not the typical type of tiredness that they may experience after a major hike or day of physical activity.

Your dog might not be interested in the things they normally enjoy, and may not react to stimuli as quickly as usual. They may even ignore most sensory stimuli altogether.

Lethargic dogs lack energy and enthusiasm, and may appear depressed. Depending on the cause of the lethargy, your dog might be reluctant to get up and move around.

If your dog is also showing other signs of discomfort, not as interested in eating and/or drinking or behaving abnormally, it’s usually a sign of a more serious condition.

Lethargy can be caused by a wide, so it’s helpful to take note of any other signs that your dog is showing. variety of conditions,

Pro Tips:

  • The difference between a bout of tiredness and lethargy can be hard to tell sometimes, so it’s best to monitor your dog for a few hours to see if anything changes.
  • Pay attention to any other signs your dog may be displaying, since true lethargy often presents itself with other symptoms.