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How do you prevent your dog from paralysis?

While not all forms of paralysis are preventable, some conditions such as tick paralysis and IVDD we can strive to avoid.

Using seasonal or year-round tick prevention is your best defense against tick paralysis, as well as many other tick-borne illnesses. And even with tick prevention on board, it is always a good idea to do a body check of your pet after coming in from hikes in long grasses or areas with a known heavy tick-burden. Tick twisters are one of the best ways to remove an embedded tick (they ensure you don’t leave part of the tick in your dog’s skin).

You can also decrease the risk of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) in your dog by keeping them lean and avoiding big jumps (especially for predisposed breeds like dachshunds). For example, set your dog up with ‘doggie steps’ to get on and off high surfaces. 

Pro Tips:

  • Ensure you dog is on tick prevention and check them for ticks after walks (especially if you were in a woody area with tall grasses)
  • Avoid instances where your dog will be required to make big jumps (ex. A Dachshund jumping on/off the couch is not recommended)


You can use doggie steps in your home so your dog doesn’t have to jump to reduce the risk of IVDD