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What does ‘peeing blood’ in dogs look like?

It can be alarming as a dog owner to notice blood in your dog’s urine. Sometimes this may be more obvious, like if your dog has an accident in the house, while other times it might be a surprising observation when your dog lifts his leg out on a walk.

Blood in your dog’s urine (also known as hematuria) can range from a light pink colour to bright red. It may also be present for either the whole duration of urination or be more evident at either the beginning or the end of them voiding urine. Although there are a variety of causes for hematuria, most are treatable.

Your vet will have some questions for you to help narrow down the possible causes, so try to take note of the following:

  • Whether your dog is able to pee a full stream of urine, or whether they seems to be coming out in small bursts
  • Is your dog straining or any vocalization/yelping as they urinate
  • Or do they appear comfortable and to be standing in their normal position?
  • Have they also been licking around their hind end recently? 


If you are a new owner of an intact female dog, it may take some getting used to when they go into a heat cycle, but this is not to be confused with blood in the urine.