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How do you prevent your dog from getting smelly?

While we can’t prevent all the reasons a dog might get smelly, there are general preventive health measures you can take at home:

  • Clean and dry your dog’s ears and haircoat thoroughly after swimming.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth regularly and/or use vet-recommended dental chews at home to keep teeth clean.
  • Feed an appropriate diet to help prevent issues like diarrhea, anal gland impaction, and to keep skin healthy. If your dog is prone to skin or ear infections, talk to your vet about hypoallergenic diet options.

If your dog’s new and pungent odor is due to anything other than mischief-related causes (ie: sprayed by skunk, rolling in something gross at the park), then a visit to the veterinarian is merited. Getting the correct diagnosis is essential.

Especially with issues like bacterial infections, the longer you leave it without treatment, the worse it will get. A prompt vet visit means that you can get the appropriate treatment on board quickly, and clear the smell that much sooner!

Pro Tip: Regular bathing and ear cleaning are helpful preventative measures to keep your dog odor-free; however, unless otherwise instructed by a vet:

  • Bathe your dog at most once a month
  • Clean their ears at most once every 1-2 weeks


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