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Is your dog smellier than usual?

Dogs have a lot of wonderful qualities, unfortunately, their smell isn’t one of them. Even a perfectly healthy dog may not have the freshest breath, and none of them smell good after a walk in the rain.

Most of us, however, get used to our own dog’s normal odor and may even come to appreciate the smell of their cute little paws. For this reason, if your dog suddenly smells a whole lot worse than usual, it’s worth paying attention. 

There could be an obvious, mischief-related cause:

  • Sprayed by a skunk
  • Rolled in something gross at the park
  • Got into the garbage, etc.


But if you’ve ruled out all of those, and your dog has a new, strong odor to them, a possible health issue should be considered. 

Health issues that cause your dog to smell include ear and skin infections, anal gland issues, and even sometimes cancer.

For smelly dogs, the first step is always to rule out any 'mischief-related causes', which can be treated with a good bath.

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