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What can I do to get rid of my dog’s bad smell?

Fortunately, even the stinkiest of dog smells can usually be cleared. The first step is to determine the cause of the odor. If it’s not immediately obvious to you, all the more reason to book a visit with your vet.

Infectious causes may require prescription medication like antibiotics or antifungals. There are also a multitude of shampoos available for dogs that are specific to the condition at hand (e.g. ‘skunk off’ shampoos, shampoos for dogs with flaking or oily skin, shampoos for dogs with allergies and those prone to bacterial infections).

If you dogs has a recurrent issue (anal gland leakage, ear infections, allergic skin), have your veterinarian show you how to do preventive things at home. This includes thorough ear cleanings, medicated baths, and even anal gland expression if you’re brave enough! In some cases, a special diet may help prevent recurrent skin or anal gland issues.

Rolling around in strong, stinky scents is a common cause for sudden odors.

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