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How can you treat your dog’s vomiting at home?

If your dog has only vomited a few times and seems well otherwise, try feeding a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice, or pumpkin and lean pork in small (1 tablespoon at a time), frequent (every 2 hours or so) meals. 

Adding probiotics can also help with mild gastrointestinal upsets.  Ask your veterinarian for dog probiotics you could have on-hand at home, or you could try adding a tablespoon of probiotic yogurt – it’s important to note that some dogs are lactose intolerant and can get sick from this.

Go easy on exercise while they aren’t feeling 100%, but short walks can be helpful to keep things moving.

If your dog is not eating, slows down, continues to vomit, or develops any of these serious signs, you should see your veterinarian right away.

Your dog needs your help, and the professional care that your veterinarian can provide will make a difference.