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What can you do when your dog is vomiting?

If your dog’s vomiting just started or is mild, try feeding a bland diet (boiled skinless chicken & rice or lean pork) in very small but frequent meals and add water to the food to make a little “soup”. 

The vomiting may resolve over 12-24 hours, however, if your dog can’t keep water down you should go to a vet immediately. Inform your veterinarian if vomiting persists for more than 24 hours or if your dog vomits more than once.

Some veterinarians recommend special therapeutic diets that are low in fat or high in fibre content and contain prebiotics.

Monitor your dog’s stool – if your dog is vomiting frequently and not passing stool, it can be a sign of an intestinal obstruction.  You should take your dog to a vet immediately if this occurs.