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What can you do if your dog has suddenly lost weight?

If you feel like your dog may be losing weight, the first step is to get them on the scale. It is very hard to notice gradual weight loss when we see our pets every day, so measuring their weight objectively is essential. 

Rule out the obvious causes like a change in diet, and make sure you’re measuring your dog’s food so you know exactly how much they’re eating (using a scale is preferable to a measuring cup). Providing this information to your veterinarian will aid them in diagnosing the underlying issue.

Pro Tip: Weigh your dog regularly and make note of how much food they are eating.

If there are no other symptoms, you can schedule a non-urgent appointment with your veterinarian. Expect to run some blood, urine, and possibly fecal tests. In some cases, ultrasound imaging will also be recommended.

While you are waiting to be seen by your veterinarian, you can ask them for some healthy canned food to offer your pet to boost calories. You can also try home-cooking some plain chicken and rice to see if that encourages appetite in the short term. 

Encourage your dog to eat (in the short term) by feeding a bland diet of boiled chicken (without skin or fat) and rice