When should you see a vet about your dog’s vomiting?

Dogs may be ok if the vomiting was an isolated incident, but if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s likely a sign of something more serious: Frequent vomiting (more than 5 times) and lasting more than 24 hours in duration. Throwing up blood Dehydration Weakness or lethargy after vomiting History of toxin […]

A veterinarian’s advice on dealing with vomiting in dogs

Dogs vomit from all sorts of health issues, from accidental ingestions to serious illnesses. Dog owners can play a key role in resolving their dog’s vomiting and nausea. When your dog vomits, note any details that can help your veterinarian determine the underlying problem. For example, you should think about what the vomit looks like […]

What can you do when your dog is vomiting?

Most of the reasons why a dog vomits are not an emergency. The following checklist may help you decide how soon your pup needs to see his vet. Call your veterinarian immediately if your dog has:

What causes vomiting in dogs?

Dogs vomit for all kinds of reasons, some of which may be much larger causes for concern. There are some cases where a vomiting dog can have a serious health problem.

What is vomiting in dogs?

Although occasional vomiting may not be a cause for concern, frequent or severe vomiting can be a sign of a serious condition.