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How can you treat your dog’s diarrhea?

If your dog’s diarrhea has lasted longer than a day or two, or your dog seems distressed, then it’s become a more urgent issue, and you should talk to your vet right away. He or she will recommend the best course of immediate action for treatment and to prevent the problem from getting worse. 

If the diarrhea just started, there are a few home remedies to help your dog feel better in the meantime:

  • Feed your dog a bland diet consisting of non-seasoned boiled rice and chicken (without the skin). If your dog is allergic to chicken or you suspect some food allergies, use lean pork meat or fish instead or skip the protein altogether.  
  • Feeding your dog (canned) pumpkin also helps regulate the digestive system, and often works for both constipation and diarrhea since it’s both high in fiber and moisture. 
  • Give your dog small, frequent meals with water added (to encourage hydration) instead of his/her regular one or two larger meals. 

If these do resolve the issue within 24 hours, it’s best to seek veterinary help to prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated.

For chronic intermittent diarrheas (not occurring all the time but keeps coming back), consider a gradual diet change to one that is either a different protein source or specially formulated for dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivities. 

It’s a good idea to consult with a vet prior to switching your dog’s diet, as they can test for infectious or internal causes and recommend an appropriate diet to try first. Parasites are a common cause of intermittent diarrhea in dogs, so changing diet alone will not resolve the issue.