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Helping you make better decisions about your dog's health

Our Story

Doggo Health was born in November 2019, inspired by founder Sunny Shao’s rescue dog Luka. As a dog lover and dog owner for most of her life, this was Sunny’s first time adopting a dog, and found herself researching online for a lot of dog health and wellness information. When Sunny met Dr. Elizabeth Davis in Spring 2020, the two of them bonded over their mutual love for dogs and innovative ways of approaching veterinary science in a post-COVID19 era. 

By connecting dog owners to veterinary science and data differently, Doggo Health is reimagining how pet owners navigate health advice for their dogs, as they are often faced with conflicting information from different aspects of the pet world.

Together their vision is to help dog owners everywhere access reliable, trustworthy education and advice about their dog’s health, with a focus on personalized, preventative health.

Doggo Health aims to enhance the human-canine bond for advancing mutual healthcare innovation

Meet Our Team

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Sunny Shao, MBA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sunny Shao is a startup marketer and (fin)tech geek turned founder, having worked in financial services and tech for over a decade.


Chief Doggo Officer

Luka is a potcake mutt adopted from Greece. Born in October 2017 (our best guess), she is a mix of 17 breeds, primarily Beagle, Azawakh, Mexican Street Dog and Chihuahua.

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Elizabeth Davis, MVB

Chief Veterinarian

Dr. Liz Davis is an experienced small animal veterinarian, specializing in clinical, surgical and emergency medicine.
Eric Rogness Doggo

Eric Rogness

Fractional Chief Technology Officer

Eric is a seasoned technical leader and founder across many early-stage companies, spanning health, finance, and education.

Jason Breen Doggo

Jason Breen, MA

Product Advisor

Jason Breen is a psychologist and tech geek. He is passionate about building products that make a positive impact in people’s lives at the intersection of technology and business.
Jason Woo Doggo

Jason Woo

Veterinary Intern

Jason is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student part of the Class of 2023 at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.

2020 Startup Bootcamp

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented, like-minded hustlers who share our passion for animals.

If you work in the pet industry as a veterinarian, vet technician or vet nurse, we’re especially keen in working with you! Get in touch with us and give us an idea of what you’re looking for.