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What can I do if my dog is not eating?

If your dog is not eating for one meal, you can try waiting it out to see if it’s a behavioral issue rather than a medical one. 

If your dog is not eating for more than one meal, it’s time to contact your veterinary clinic. Many causes of loss of appetite are caused by a serious illness, and require medical treatment. Unless you are advised otherwise by your veterinary team, you can try offering your dog a treat at their mealtime if they are refusing their regular food to see if they are more interested in this.

Other options to try include:

  • Feeding your dog tasty and easy to digest foods, such as plain cooked rice and chicken
  • Adding some bland bone brother to their food 
  • Taking them for a walk before mealtime 

The situation becomes more of a concern when a dog with a typically good appetite refuses treats and home cooked food, or if a dog is also drinking more or less water than usual.

Offering a treat or hand feeding your dog are some options to try if your dog is refusing food. Not eating for more than one meal usually indicates an underlying illness.

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