How do you prevent your dog from getting eye discharge?

Preventing eye discharge is tricky. As we previously discussed, the most common causes of eye discharge are allergies, bacteria, and trauma, and it’s difficult to get ahead of these things.

Take care when bathing your dog so you don’t get shampoos and soaps into your dog’s eyes to help prevent trauma and injury. Additionally, trimming your dog’s hair around their eyes can be helpful in preventing foreign hairs from finding their way into the eye and causing trauma. Make sure you are very careful grooming near your dog’s eyes! Ask a groomer to do this if you are uncomfortable.

The best thing you can do for your dog is to pay close attention to their eyes and seek veterinary care sooner rather than later if you notice something isn’t right.

Although long eyelashes may look cute, they are often an irritant for your dog’s eyes. Ask your groomer to trim the hair around their eyes if you’re uncomfortable doing so.