When should you see a vet about your dog’s eye discharge?

You should see a veterinarian about your dog’s eye discharge as soon as possible if the eye discharge is red like blood, as this could indicate an injury which should not wait for medical attention. If your dog is scratching or rubbing their eye, this is an indication that your dog is uncomfortable, and they should visit their veterinarian for further assessment.

Pawing, rubbing or scratching at their face are often signs of irritated eyes.

Pro Tip: Put a cone on your dog to prevent them from further traumatizing their eyes.

If your dog’s eye discharge is yellow or green, this could indicate infection or conjunctivitis, which should be attended to by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If your dog’s eye discharge is white-grey and mucus-like, it could indicate dry eye, which is a chronic problem that should be attended to by a veterinarian.

If your dog has clear eye discharge, or if their eyes appear more watery than usual, it would be appropriate to monitor for a few days to see if the problem persists. Your dog may just have some dust in their eye that the body is trying to evacuate. It’s important to watch for signs of discomfort such as rubbing or scratching, and for any changes in the color of the discharge.

In the meantime, prevent your dog from scratching and rubbing their eyes as this may further aggravate the condition. A good way to do this is to put a cone on them (the one you got for a previous surgery will do just fine).

Pro Tip: If your dog’s eye discharge is red, this is an emergency. If it’s yellow, green, or white-grey, you should contact your veterinarian soon. If it’s clear, you can monitor it for a few days.